this will never not be just fucking great

I HAVE MISSED THIS SO MUCH (and i still don’t know what it’s from)

i keep getting asks about this post and where this is from. here ya go

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Airbender Tattoos

10,000 years ago vs. The Present. 

i honestly just came back to reblog shit from the latest legend of korra episode cause im super impressed with em.

We are bonded forever.
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that should be it right? i dont think there’s anything else left

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was expecting that to go to jack white to be honest


It would be so fucking cool if fun. won a third Grammy. Not just because of it’s importance but so Nate, Dost and Jack could all have one trophy each

they’re all gonna have two each.

any time a group wins a grammy everyone gets one. unless the group is over 10.

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Japanese name: ペッツ
Romanized name: Pettsu
Alias: None
Species: Formerly humanoid, currently human.
Alignment/Organization: Black Moon Clan
Subgroup: Ayakashi Sisters
Superior: Rubeus
First appearance: Episode 60
Last appearance: Episode 86
Voiced by: Megumi Ogata
Status: Healed by Sailor Moon.


  • She was the oldest of the Ayakashi Sisters.
  • Petz was Sailor Jupiter’s rival, and her element was electricity.
  • She’s named after the mineral petzite.
  • In the manga, Petz was killed by Sailor Moon.
  • Petz’s special attacks include: Dark Thunder and Dark Power. She had an unnamed wand that enhanced her powers in episode 72.
  • Other Sailor Moon anime characters that Megumi Ogata voiced are: Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus, Vampir (episode 47), Seiren (episode 54) and the young Mamoru from the R Movie.

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Poke Ball

Created by Sean Cantrell