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Boston MA


Boston is known for it’s beans and for Sam Adams, but this night, it was all about love stories and that stamina.

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DAY 3: House of Blues
Boston, MA

This morning (….afternoon), as we walked off the bus, we were first greeted with the giant Fenway Park sign.  If that’s not a “Welcome to Boston”, I don’t know what is!  I know I say this everyday, but the weather was beautiful.

A doctor came out to look at Anthony’s knee.  It was really too swollen to even see what was wrong, but he insisted on playing anyway. He got a fancy knee brace to keep any further damage from happening, and sure enough, he performed as if nothing was wrong at all. 

The crowd was insane.  Every show this tour has been unreal; the amount of good energy that is created is probably enough to make the stars shine brighter or something awesome like that.  It’s so amazing to see the connections and the passion being thrown in both directions.  I have a few stories for y’all coming soon, in video form, but until then, here are some photos from Boston. 

PS: We had to load out in record time to make room for the dance club that starts after the shows…. we didn’t get to stay and get our grooves on, but I hope some of you did and kept that stamina up. ;)


Circa Survive. September 14, 2012. Terminal 5, NYC.


DAY 2: Terminal 5
New York, NY

The day started by a late night bus wash, loud streaming water, hitting the bus with rapid fire.  Being in a bunk with no windows, it sounded insane.  Steve got off the bus to check it out.  I asked him if he got wet and he said just a little misty.  We had to be nice and fresh to hit the big city!

If you’ve been to one of the shows, you’ve seen the new, amazing light rig custom made for this tour.  What you haven’t seen is the set up, which with the 4 large panels and 40 mirrors, looks something like a Tetris game while being assembled.  Luckily, it’s a game of strategy, and it gets faster every day ;)

Fall is hitting at the perfect time, and so far, the weather has been as awesome as the shows.  There was a sold-out crowd at Terminal 5, and it was beautiful.

If you follow Anthony on Instagram (and you should…), you saw the knee photo that he posted yesterday.  He tweaked it at the very beginning of this set, and still performed as if his knee wasn’t swelling to the size of a watermelon.  What a pro. 

Thanks for singing so loud, NYC.  It was an honor to watch you all go off. 

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Anthony: anthonygreen666
Brendan: brendanxtrom
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Steve: stephenclifford
Nick: nickcirca

Band: circasurvive


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